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Exitkiller has only one purpose: to prevent any unwanted pop-up window generation on your screen. Based upon four sensitivity levels Exit Killer 4.0 provides you with precise control. Each level filters variety of advertising pop-ups. The highest level prevents any pop-ups and you can be sure that nothing will ever bother your while surfing! Block ALL Pop-Ups forever with the Original, Award-Winning
Pop-Up Stopper Technology by Panicware!

PC Repair Utilities The Hard Drive MechanicTM is the ONLY PC crash recovery program designed so anyone can get their PC back up and running in minutes.

Atomstorm Industries We have been developing software and learning guides since 1997.

With over 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide, your sure to find something that will make your pc experience more enjoyable.

Speedlane Internet Optimizer Increase your Internet connection speed by 30 - 250% - guaranteed Dial up optimizer, dial up 50% faster! Works with every modem from 14.4 to 56K - it even improves cable modem and ADSL performance Now with exceptional DSL and Cable Modem performance Compatible with all Windows versions (95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000,XP) **Save Money** - No need to upgrade your hardware! 100% Money Back Guarantee

UNLIMITED Autoresponders Help you be more organized-you can pre write up to 51 auto responses so you KNOW your customers are being followed up. No more wondering "did I send Susie that information she wanted?" If your running an ezine or you send out information regularly you can pre write up to 51 of your newsletters. No more writing them at the last minute. Write them up weeks in advance. Your clients will get their information in seconds. If you use email, autoresponders are a must to own. Put your emailing and follow ups on autopilot!

The complete Computer training manuals Our renowned CompleteVISUAL computer training manuals are even more `Visual' now! Not only will you get a set of CompleteVISUAL step-by-step manuals, but you will also get the complete series of actual hands-on training videos. To find out more, follow the 4 simple steps below:

100's Of E-Books 50% Commission Just what it say's

Do You Write Articles For Publicity? If you're a writer, consultant, marketer, coach, speaker, trainer, information provider, content licensing agent, or webmaster, you already know the value of syndicating your content on the Web. But you might not know that content delivery doesn't have to be complicated and you can control everything with just two lines of code. Think about how much more writing and marketing you could do if you didn't have to bother with the delivery. You want to know what kind of products you can sell TODAY to produce income streams for you without having to spend a fortune.
Become a customer today and your questions will be answered. We have spent over a year and a half and thousands of dollars, so you won't have to. All products available at have FULL Resale Rights. Products with Resale Rights enable you to sell them on at whatever price you want, as many times you want.

Access Killer security software Access Killer is software that prevents your Windows 95/ME/98 system from unauthorized access by performing a Password Check at Windows Startup, thus allowing or disallowing users to log-in to the current machine. It also gives you a full statistics of all the Login Attempts made, whether successful or unsuccessful. Without a valid password, which you set, Windows cannot be started and run on the computer.

Web Design related

Javascript Kit If you are looking for professional and affordable website design templates, you have come to the right place. For a very affordable cost, you can have our whole collection of over 500 website templates.

PopUpMaster Pop-Ups have never been easier...install pop-ups in seconds with PopUpMaster Pro 2.0 and boost your opt-ins up to 535%.
Generally recognized as the most powerful popup generator available on the web, PopUpMaster Pro makes it point-and-click easy to add virtually any type of popup to your web page. CodeLifter is a source code viewer used to see code on http:// html pages, including pages blocked under no-right-click scripts, trapped in windows without file menus or url boxes, and 'referrer' pages that cannot be seen in the browser. Also see style .css and external JavaScript .js files, etc.. Welcome at ScriptsCenter. On this site you will find several high-quality scripts available at an affordable price. We are dedicated to help small businesses who are willing to spend a little investment to improve their websites. Our scripts are developed in PHP, a popular web scripting language. We also offer custom programming services if you have specific web development needs.

Domain Guru Welcome to Domain Guru, where domain name registration is made easy. Industry knowledge, and personal advice come together to help you secure the best possible home on the Web.

STICKY TEMPLATES Everything you need to design, build, develop and promote your web site further. carries several applets of special interest to those who want JavaScript-based programmability.

Web Design Wisdom Success-Proven Web Site Design and Internet Marketing Strategies That Will Jump-Start Your Business!

Free Forums Totally FREE customizable forums and message boards!

Graphic related sites.

Strata Cafe

3D Covers and More! Professional covers make your site and your product look trustworthy. They give the perception that your product and company are of expert-quality. They increase your sales and downloads. Why? Because even if your product is truly the best on the market, poor “packaging” gives visitors a perception that it’s “homemade”. Would YOU buy a product that looked like it was made by a 14 year old high school kid in his parent’s basement? Me either!

3d graphics and animation Help 3D is the leading resource for 3D,2D computer graphics and software. We offer links to free and commercial resources for Graphic Designers, Companies and animation enthusiasts. Find information about 3D tutorials, models, textures, schools, and jobs for various top graphics Software in the market today such as 3d Max, Lightwave, Maya, Softimage, Poser, Bryce 3d.adobe photoshop , paint shop pro, corel draw ,flash,If you are interested in computer graphics services please Contact us Java Applets are Multi-layer Animation Applets
designed with my Original GhostDreams Graphics and photos taken exclusively for JavaComet by Mark Guilford and Janice Oberding. Simple Set-Up and Fast Loading. All Applets have Sound Support and are Fully Linkable.Also included is a QuickStart.txt with simple instructions for Cut-and-Paste of the applets into your pages, Uploading the Files to your server, Adding Sound, Inserting a Link and Adding a message to the Status Bar. Average size of DownLoad is only a file! And is immediately available for download after purchase! Online Help and E-mail Support for getting your applets up-n-running is also included.

1001 Free Fonts 1001 free fonts first opened its doors in December 1998 and has since grown to become the most popular free fonts archive online. 1001 free fonts receives over 30,000 visitors daily and since 1998 has been accessed by over 13,000,000 visitors who have downloaded over 200,000,000 free fonts. We want to thank you all for your continued support. Design and graphics are Copyright © 1998-2002 1001 Free Fonts. All Rights Reserved.

eBook Creators Any publisher will tell you that a book is judged by its cover. Just as a well-designed book cover sells physical books... so will a vibrant, graphic image sell your ebook. Because you are giving your buyers something they are used to seeing in the real world. It’s a fact of nature, plain and simple! What the Sam hell are they you ask?
Like regular screensavers, they pop up on your screen when your computer is idle.
But unlike your regular crappy screensaver, these little beauties are fully interactive with movement and sound! Not only do they save your computer screen, they'll also amuse you to boot! (Works on both Windows and Mac.)

Online Photo Fix We are a group of photo restoration experts with a vast experience in handling digital image. We are ready to handle your needs via the internet in a prompt and efficient manner. We are happy to provide references.

Flash catalogs We design catalogs that are easy for you to maintain and easy for your customers to navigate. Our catalog template, the Streamcat™, allows your customers to make quick comparisons, get product information and optionally jump to a buy page or picture enlargement page. The 'Flash/HTML hybrid' versions launch your product pages in another frame when a user clicks on an image and require no Flash knowledge to maintain. The 'All Flash' versions load swfs when a user clicks on an image so a basic understanding of Flash is required to maintain it.

Other Sites. Just giving a little back. - Free Programs - Plenty of Free help and resources. - Free Programs - Free Programs - Free, Shareware and Demo Programs - Internet speed tests and more - Internet tweaks and more - DHTML scripts - Java applets - javascripts - Java applets and javascripts - Best search engine with language translation too. - Paint shop pro stuff. - Web site online applications.

Programs. Just giving a little back.

Mail Inspector - Great software and customer service from iDev (FREE)

Pow - pop up killer from (FREE)

Magic Mail - Excellent mail notification program with lots of features. Find it here (FREE)

DAP - Download accelerator Plus from : (FREE)

File tip - Shows more info about your file when highlighted from: (FREE)

Font Viewer - Shows all your fonts from: (FREE)

Picture Clip - Image slicer from: (FREE)

PW Spell - Spell checker from (FREE)

Pixia - Graphics program from: (FREE)

TclockEx - Add more functionality to your clock from:



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