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Opera users you may be missing out on much of your browsers potential. The Opera browser has begun to work much better with version 7. It still has a few bugs and won't run some scripts and plug-ins and has it's quirks just like the other browsers but it is getting better.

Some users have the option in their preferences set to disguise the Opera browser as another brand such as IE or Mozilla. This option can potentially stop you from getting good content. How? Most webmasters use tracking scripts to better understand who is visiting their sites. Sure none of us like the idea or even the word tracking but if you are telling webmasters you are using IE or another browser when your actually using Opera then webmasters will begin to believe that Opera users are limited and should not be taken into as much consideration as other browsers. We do that here. Our majority of visitors seem to be IE with Netscape and Mozilla next. Opera users are very low in the visitor stats. That is one of the reasons Opera falls second to last in our Browser considerations. Now we do have access to a script that will recognize Opera browsers even if they are disguised but some webmasters may not so they are getting false readings.

Now if the creators of Opera would be prouder of their browser and not try to disguise themselves as something else then Opera could become an even bigger competitor. Granted they are getting better and more popular but not letting webmasters know that people are using their browser seriously puts them down to the bottom of the list for creating content that works in the Opera browser. So make sure your preference is set to Opera and get ready for more web sites that work properly for you too.


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