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   2D-3D Stills

3d graphics and animation Help 3D is the leading resource for 3D,2D computer graphics and software. We offer links to free and commercial resources for Graphic Designers, Companies and animation enthusiasts. Find information about 3D tutorials, models, textures, schools, and jobs for various top graphics Software in the market today such as 3d Max, Lightwave, Maya, Softimage, Poser, Bryce 3d.adobe photoshop , paint shop pro, corel draw and flash

3D Models Java Applets are Multi-layer Animation Applets designed with my Original GhostDreams Graphics and photos taken exclusively for JavaComet by Mark Guilford and Janice Oberding. Simple Set-Up and Fast Loading. All Applets have Sound Support and are Fully Linkable. Also included is a QuickStart.txt with simple instructions for Cut-and-Paste of the applets into your pages, Uploading the Files to your server, Adding Sound, Inserting a Link and Adding a message to the Status Bar. Average size of DownLoad is only a file! And is immediately available for download after purchase! Online Help and E-mail Support for getting your appletsup-n-running is also included.


eBook Creators Any publisher will tell you that a book is judged by its cover. Just as a well-designed book cover sells physical books... so will a vibrant, graphic image sell your ebook. Because you are giving your buyers something they are used to seeing in the real world. It’s a fact of nature, plain and simple.


1001 Free Fonts 1001 free fonts first opened its doors in December 1998 and has since grown to become the most popular free fonts archive online. 1001 free fonts receives over 30,000 visitors daily and since 1998 has been accessed by over 13,000,000 visitors who have downloaded over 200,000,000 free fonts.



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