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Q:I need help with the CSS Code Assembler. Where do I find it?
A: Click on the link CSS Assembler in the menu to launch the program. You will find links to the help files there, or you can contact us here Jwac Productions if you still need more help.

Q: How do I get Custom work done for me?
A: You can contact us here Jwac Productions Let us know what your looking for and then we can talk.

Q: Why do the animation's take so long to load?
Load times depend on your Internet connection. This format is much smaller than trying to stream a high quality .avi which is usually much larger in size for these animation's, resulting in even longer load times.

Q: I can't hear sound in the animation's?
A: All the movies have sound. We will let you know if they don't. Check your sound card and volume settings.

Q: What format are your 3D models in?
They are in .s3d Strata 3D.

Q: Some of the links on your site don't work!!
If you are receiving a page not found or 404 page please contact us. If nothing is happening and you are not using a popup killer please contact us. If you are using a popup killer you may have to adjust your settings some or our links open smaller information windows.

Q: I have a Mac and use Stuffit Expander how do I extract these winzip files?
Just drag and drop them into Stuffit expander.

Q: Version 1.0 of the CSS Code Assembler says "be sure to register" if you want to receive updates. How do you register?
We were going to make the CSS Code Assembler Shareware. But we decided to make it FREE :-) You do not have to register but if you wish to receive any updates be sure to add your name to our Keep up to date list so we can e-mail you when there are updates.

Q: I use a high screen resolution and larger fonts and the Assembler does not open properly. Can you fix this?
You can find instructions on how to fix this problem for the offline version here. Sorry Online users due to the wide range of browsers, screen sizes, resolutions and operating systems we could not address all the factors and still make the Assembler work properly for all so we opted for a style that fit in a 800x600 screen size.

Q: Why are there popups on your site now?
Well lets put it this way: We all like to get paid for our time. This way i get just a little bit for my time and this makes me happy. Happy enough to create more free stuff for you. A small popup once in awhile doesn't hurt.

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